olde port cove lamp maintenance and conversion

Olde Port Cove Association’s governing documents requires every homeowner to have and maintain a gas or electric lamp.  It has been a number of years since many of the lamps have been installed and a few are not working properly.  Some have rotted posts and some simply won’t stay lit.  As part of a concerted effort, the ECC and the Maintenance Committee will be working with home owners to get your lamps repaired and working.   YOU MUST NOTIFY THE ECC PRIOR TO STARTING!

Below are links to documents and websites where you can order replacement materials, see a maintenance guide or learn how to convert your lamp to electric.

PLEASE contact any member of the ECC or the Maintenance Committee if you have any questions.

Post and Mantle Repair

Select picture to go to the replacement post website.  You want the ~8′ post, 3″ diameter, with ladder rest LR4 in black.

Convert your lamp to electric

Select the picture to go to the Charm Lite website.  You want an 11″ stem and the kit, which includes a transformer.  Other options can be found in the document linked below.

Maintenance Tips

Select the button to look at a document that will help you maintain your .


Post and Gas Lamp Installation


Lamp Maintenance

ECC notification

If you do decide to convert your lamp to electric and you are using one of the approved kits you only need to fill in the form to notify the ECC.  No waiting for approval!

Electric lamp 

You now have the OPTION to convert your natural gas lamp to an electric one.  It DOES require ECC notification. Select for more details.


Some of our neighbors have converted and used the services of professionals.  The following contractors have agreed to provide their contact information.  OPCHOA can not endorse or provide recommendations.  This is provided for your convenience only.


Jordan Hartman,  Atlantic Plumbing, Heating and AC  (757) 898-6144, AtlanticPHAC@gmail.com 

Larry Bobbit, LRB Home Improvement, (757) 715-3318 

Mr. Mike Vaughan,  (757) 713-1954

Andrew Peters, (757) 952-4952

Price Electrical, Inc., Poquoson, (757)342-6412