OPC pool

The pool is OPen.

Remember that the pool is for the exclusive use of our homeowners and their families and guests,  Be sure you have read the  RULES  and completed anInformed Consent and Release of Liability Form (ICRL) .  

The homeowners shall not use the common areas and facilities of Olde Port Cove to coach, train, or otherwise provide access to their guests and non-members and receive a compensation or fee.


Having a pool party?

The pool is available for your events and makes a wonderful summer venue.  You can’t “rent” the pool and exclude other neighbors, but there is more than enough room for everyone.

If your party is large (15 or more swimmers) it is very difficult for the lifeguard to safely watch everyone.  Please print and fill out the POOL PARTY FORM to ensure the safety of everyone.  Thanks.